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Never satisfied with just one particular sound, Gregor constantly seeks to cross existing boundaries and take on new challenges. That’s how he could rise to the top as one of Holland’s most successful DJ’s, while simultaneously using his own label G-Rex and side projects like Bateria to further widen his musical scope. Capturing all these organic influences into his own signature sound, Gregor has added an extra dimension to the digital world of dance music.

Young Gregor was struck by the house virus when he first heard Royal House’s classic anthem “Can You Party” at a school dance. He then decided his life wouldn’t be fulfilling without making beats of his own. After some years of experimenting on his dad’s Amiga, Gregor debuted on Amsterdam’s legendary Outland Records in 1994. Many other releases followed, mostly in the trance and club house genre, under monikers like Luna Mora and The Beach House Brothers.

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But it would take another decade of hard work before Gregor had his first big break. “Can’t Stop Playing”, a catchy house tune produced with Dr. Kucho, skyrocketed to the Top 40 in 2004. That was the start of Gregor’s ongoing roller-coaster ride through Dutch club land, DJ-ing anywhere from the smallest of backwater barns to the vastest of inner city super clubs and headlining most of the country’s leading festivals. Gregor has even extended his fame to as far away places as Portugal, Turkey, Surinam and the West-Indies. He obviously knows what it takes to rock a dance floor – something he’s still proving every day of the weekend from behind the decks.

Tracks like “Lambada 3000” and “La Diosa Misteriosa” seem to underline Gregor’s background as a latin house artist. Yet his interests have always extended to a wider variety of styles, which made him into the artist he is today: with a keen eye for quality in sound, never limiting himself to one particular style of music. Gregor loves to incorporate organic influences into electronic dance music – genres like soul, samba, jazz or salsa. His own label G-Rex has proven to be the perfect platform for more adventurous endeavours. For his forthcoming debut album (due end of 2009) Gregor has even produced a traditional reggae track called Unite, featuring Rastafarian singer Junior. His productional superiority has even caught the eye of artists like Roger Sanchez, Bob Sinclar and Axwell, all of them eager to have Gregor remix their work.

Gregor Salto boeken voor uw evenement 

Through the A&R work for his own label and through numerous studio collaborations, Gregor has come across an array of gifted musicians. To stage this diverse group and simultaneously showcase the extent of his own musical identity, Gregor has launched Bateria. During these long, latin and jazzy flavoured jam sessions the whole Gregor Salto story comes together in one spectacular stage experience. It takes nights like these to fully manifest Gregor’s potential as an all-round artist.

Gregor’s ability to conjoin so many different elements into one uniquely captivating sound underline his strength as an artist, setting him apart as one of the most truthful and devoted characters in the international clubbing scene. Gregor is living proof that love for music can conquer all.

Gregor Salto boeken voor uw evenement 

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