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Scooter is one of the most succesful bands that has ever come out of the Dance scene. They started out in the early days of House music and have continued to score major floorfilling hits ever since. HP, Rick Jordan and Michael Simon are well known for their fantastic live shows that have amazed crowds all over the world.

Scooter has scored so many hits that it is virtually impossible to name them all. Just to give you an idea: Hyper Hyper, Weekend, How Much Is The Fish, Maria (I Like It Loud) and their latest release (out on Digidance Records in Benelux) Lass Unz Tanzen.

Their new album The Ultimate Aural Orgasm and the new single Lass Uns Tanzen will be supported by a club tour in Germany and Benelux. Be certain that a Scooter show will rock every crowd!

Get in touch with us to find out how you can get Scooter to perform in your Club!

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Scooter Boeken

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